Architectural Review Committee

ARC - Architectural Review Committee

The Role of ARC and Review of Proposed Projects

The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is to serve the community’s interests by reviewing proposed projects for compliance with the applicable covenants, and to maintain the aesthetic standards established by the original builders of the community. As per the covenants:

       “All of the properties within Pine Valley and Valleywood are covered by covenants (building restrictions) which are an integral part of the property deed. The covenants run with and bind each property and all subsequent owners and occupants thereof…The Architectural Review Committee governed by the Association’s Bylaws will continue to create awareness of the covenants, encourage compliance, and enforce the covenants as charged by the Association.”

       Compliance with the above is best documented through submission of the ARC Review Request Form. The ARC believes that stemming any decline of community values is best served through this process that is a standard across the country. The ARC will review every submission and the applicant(s) will be advised of the action of the ARC within two weeks or less. Additional information may be requested if needed. The ARC will note any conflict(s) with the applicable covenant, if any, and may make recommendations to the applicant(s) to help resolve the conflict(s). 


Submission of the Review Request Form and approval or disapproval by the ARC does not relieve the applicant of responsibility for obtaining Baltimore County permits as may be required by the County code(s).

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Most planned developments (subdivisions of homes built by a particular builder), including closed or grated residential areas, as well as condominium associations and housing cooperatives, make use of covenants for the benefit of all residential owners and their neighbors.  Neighborhoods with properly drafted and enforced covenants or architectural standards have been shown to retain property value better than those with poorly enforced covenants or no standards at all.  Neighborhoods that follow their covenants and standards then to be safter, look better, maintain better relationships with local governments, and better retain or increase the investments that homeowners have made in their properties.

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